The Hohauser firm recruited our President ten years ago. Today we are a significantly more profitable business. Our President retired and the Hohauser firm recruited our next president.

Bill Baer, Owner
Crown Group

Planned change


Vice President of Sales in a high-tech marketing company was promoted to President of the firm. He was immediately faced with the task of replacing himself in the VP of sales role. The company had worked with many executive recruiters, but the president wanted a recruiter who knew him best.


The President and our team spent hours discussing the kind of business the company was involved in, the future plans, issues facing the sales staff and the goals he had for the company. We spoke in depth about the organizational structure of the firm, the customer base, and the background of the key managers. Our team then had private and confidential discussions with each member of the sales team, vice presidents, and vice president of personnel.

We then prepared a thorough and detailed profile of the Job Position and developed a hiring process that agreed with the companies employment procedures.


A candidate was hired from the local area. He had an excellent background with their customer base as well as their product line. He had several interviews involving all members of the management team and sales team. The sales figures have increased 50%. Because of the success of that project, Harvey Hohauser and Associates has placed three other key managers with the company as well as consulted on a wide range of human resource issues.

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