Working with Harvey Hohauser and Associates was such an easy and successful experience.  The team not only made it hassle free but narrowed down our search to some great candidates. Thank you so much for your ability to get us the right person!

Heather Ruhana, Chief Operations Officer
SFD Manufacturing

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Harvey Hohauser & Associates Annual Letter (2017)

In 2017 Harvey Hohauser & Associates leaned in to the launch of our values and five-year strategic plan by embracing and expanding the responsibilities of our CFO, Rebecca Hicks, to become our CFO & Director, Operations. By positioning Rebecca to oversee all business operations and finance allows Eric, myself, the candidate developers and researchers to support and interact with our clients in an exponential fashion. To that end, last year we saw Jodi Ellis, Director-Candidate Development, lead and successfully place an executive by taking lead on her first independent project.

With the guidance and direction of John Quinlan (Author of Tau Bada) Eric and I continue to learn and explore the science and complexities within family business and its culture. Founded 31 years ago, our father, as a PhD sociologist, took a unique approach and created a process that focuses on understanding organizational culture which ensures positive candidate assimilation. As we continue to work and partner with John; Eric, Rebecca and I meet with frequency to ensure the care and feeding of our own culture. By "taking our own medicine" we are that much better at helping and supporting our clients do to the same.

Our family was blessed and expanded this year as our very own Seth Paul welcomed twin boys into the world; Wyatt & Everett. In addition, my son, Eric’s nephew, Elia joined the firm on a part time basis to support our research and database administration function. 2017 also represented the year in which I expanded my own immediate family by proposing to Melissa Trenton, wedding to be held 7.7.18

It goes without saying we take great pride and joy in partnering with our clients, supporting them in identifying, recruiting and integrating top leaders into their companies and cultures. Eric and his team partnered with one of the nation’s oldest publicly traded, family controlled companies to recruit and integrate a President for their automotive division. This project showed our client the value of taking a behavioral sciences and cultural approach within a recruitment process. Armed with a greater understand, our client chose to strengthen their partnership by engaging HH&A and our IIC Partners in several global recruitment projects.

2017 is positioned to be Harvey Hohauser & Associates greatest year ever!
Thank you for your support and involvement in our journey! We couldn’t have done it without you.

As new technologies, competitors and global markets shift, I am continually impressed with the changes our team makes to meet the market. Recruitment resources like Linked In are constantly changing and our team rises to learn new methodologies and approaches to locate key leadership. The Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles and international markets constantly challenge is to stay connected to what is new and where this new talent can be found.

As a member firm of IIC Partners ( - International Independent Consultants) we are fiercely proud of our autonomy. Celebrating our tenth year of membership as an IIC Partner Firm, we were able to support our client’s expansion in Germany and China. This independence allows us access to markets and talent that other firms are restricted from due to conflicts of interest. This independence also brings greater value to our clients as we leverage our partners industry, institutional and cultural knowledge and understandings across the globe.

There are certain cultural values that must be observed to ensure positive relationships, and the one value that transcends every culture is respect. In today’s world, relationship building takes place everywhere. In institutions of learning; students continually interact with each other, as well as their teachers and other staff. In the workplace; leaders place greater emphasis on cultural alignment and team work to facilitate the timely achievement of organizational objectives. Respect is a keystone value to any relationship regardless of the situation. By embodying the cultural value of respect, we at Harvey Hohauser & Associates are committed to being open minded, compassionate, considerate, empathetic and we will live the "Golden Rule".

All the best,
Todd & Eric Hohauser



Firm has 30-year history of serving family businesses in executive placement

Harvey Hohauser & Associates (HH&A), a global executive search firm with a 30-year history of providing strategic cultural retained executive recruiting announces that CEO Todd Hohauser and President Eric Hohauser have earned the global designation of Family Enterprise Advisor™.

Offered by the Family Enterprise Exchange (FEX), certification as a Family Enterprise Advisor requires 1,000 hours of training and education, as well as completing the examination requirements and the FEX Board’s rigorous certification standards. Its aim is to increase the knowledge and effectiveness of professional business advisors who serve family businesses. In addition to focusing on family businesses, Harvey Hohauser & Associates itself is a family business, established in 1986 by Harvey Hohauser, Ph.D., who now serves as a teacher and mentor for the organization. His son, Todd Hohauser, said obtaining the FEA designation was the next natural step for him and his brother Eric as they serve as second generation leaders.

“A family business is a living, breathing enterprise. All sustainable family businesses need to evolve as their industry grows and plan for successful transition for the next generation,” Todd Hohauser said. “With this FEA designation, we continue to add skills to our professional toolbox that help us best serve this niche client demographic.”

Eric Hohauser said HH&A’s recruiting methodology is rooted in the behavioral sciences and is proven on decades of experience as a family enterprise-focused firm.

“We understand the cultural dynamics and complexities within the family business environment and bring that knowledge to our clients,” Eric Hohauser said. “Through our process, we identify a business’ values and culture, translating those into key characteristics required by leaders to assimilate into family enterprises”.

“Family-owned businesses have been at the core of the global economy for 150 years,” Todd Hohauser said. “We are pleased to serve the family enterprise market as it continues to move the world economic stage forward.”

To learn more about the Family Enterprise Advisor designation and the Family Enterprise Exchange, visit the website.


Harvey Hohauser & Associates Annual Letter (2016)

In October of last year Eric and I and the entire team had the opportunity to honor and celebrate our father, Harvey R. Hohauser, PhD. This 30th Anniversary Party was attended by clients, candidates and friends we have grown relationships with for decades. Individuals from Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, England, Germany, Canada and California made the journey to help celebrate with us. We felt truly blessed and honored to be surrounded by some of the most successful business owners and leaders from around the world. It was a double honor to applaud our father, the founder, and have him acknowledged for the success of the business he created to feed his family. We were so very happy to repay him in shrimp as big as your fist and lamb chops that melted in your mouth! The Harvey Hohauser & Associates family was very pleased to welcome the second, second-generation non-Hohauser family member to our team.

As a multispecialty firm, we were able to help and support numerous family businesses across the world in 2016 continue their successful path of growth. From repeat, long standing clients in Michigan, to new relationships in Tennessee, Alabama and China; we added one of the nation’s oldest publicly traded, family controlled and global multi-billion-dollar manufacturers as a client. They found the value in our custom tailored, cultural approach to executive search. We had the honor of partnering with several first & second generation family businesses aiding in their successful transition into the next generation. We helped several family businesses recruit their first ever non-family executives. We also had the distinct privilege to partner with several national nonprofit entities, helping them continue to serve and support their missions, members and communities. Our capacity to quickly understand our clients values and organizational culture is a derivative of our cross functional, behavioral sciences background and experience which span: automotive, aerospace, consumer package goods, solution services, financial services and beyond.

With three decades of experience, our firm has a track record of supporting family businesses recruit, assimilate and retain key executive talent. We took these existing skills to the next level by attending the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisers in Toronto ( with classes spanning the entire year, culminating in a group, multi-disciplinary consulting project and ultimately a written and oral (to be taken in March of this year.) exams. This FEA (Family Enterprise Advisor) designation will allow us to consult with our clients at a deeper more productive level. We, very much, look forward to bringing these enhanced skills to our clients which will help them grow and develop in a more holistic way.

Under the tutelage and guidance of long time family business advisor, John Quinlan, recently published author of “Tau Bada – The Quest and Memoir of a Vulnerable Man” (; Eric and I continue to develop and empower our team. By continuing our own work we ensure that we, as second generation leaders and partners, are aligned and develop an engaged, dynamic team. This empowerment was embodied with the leadership our very own Jodi Ellis (Director, Candidate Development) as she performed as lead consultant on a search with one of our long time clients.

2017 is positioned to be Harvey Hohauser & Associates greatest year ever!
Thank you for your support and involvement in our journey! We couldn’t have done it without you.

All the best,
Todd & Eric Hohauser


Harvey Hohauser & Associates Annual Letter (2015)

Family, Independence, Learning & Empowerment

These four core values are what define Harvey Hohauser & Associates in 2016 and throughout our 30-year history. In October of this year, we will be celebrating our three decades of Strategic Cultural Executive Recruiting. A chance to celebrate and reflect on our first defining value, Family.

(n): Family comes first. Community (Support). It takes a village. Mishpocheh (Yiddish for extended family.).

For us, working with so many family owned, multi-generational businesses, family means so much. Most importantly, it focuses us on our core value, the value that started us three decades ago. Our father, our founder, started Harvey Hohauser & Associates to feed his family, myself and two brothers; Eric & Jay. In 1986, as a single father, he was solely responsible for feeding and providing for a 20, 16 and 8 year old. Believe me, providing for us, three boys who ate A LOT, took hard work. Hard work, determination and focus is what drove Harvey for many years. As he is famous for saying, “I’m in it for the food.” Food for the family. Today, we are proud to feed many: Tommy, Mia, Taylor, Brooklyn, Roman, Charlie, Jeff, Emily, Elia, Kate, Rosemary, Maryll – the children of our team members; not to mention: Jimmy, Jack, Annie, Blanca, Tigre, Vixen, Biggie and Leyland – the “furry children” of our team members. In turn, our efforts to recruit and retain top leaders help many of our family-owned clients feed their families as well. This is an honor we have enjoyed for 30 years with many more to come.

2015 was a tremendous year for Harvey Hohauser & Associates. We grew as an organization; hiring the first second-generation non-Hohauser family member. We promoted several team members that have helped us to sustainably grow our business, which included elevating an Administrative Assistant to a Candidate Developer, promoting our Office Manager to Chief Financial Officer, elevating Eric to President and promoting a Manager to Director Level. We partnered on recruiting projects in Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Tennessee, Florida, Italy and Spain. We helped recruit and integrate a third-generation family business’s first non-family Chief Executive Officer, a President for a second generation family business and several other key executive positions for both private and family businesses. We had the honor to partner with one of the largest private businesses in Europe and the second largest Hispanic-owned company in the United States. We also had the privilege to partner with several national nonprofit entities, helping them continue to serve and support their missions, members and communities.

To advance our focus and participation in supporting family-owned businesses, Eric and I will be attending a year-long training at the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors. One of the few certification programs we have found to earn a designation to advise family owned enterprises. This experience will prepare us to counsel the businesses we support in a more meaningful way.

Our family looks forward to supporting and serving yours in 2016, and beyond.

All the best,
Todd Hohauser, Eric Hohauser


Harvey Hohauser & Associates Annual Letter (2013)

Clients & Friends,

2013 marks the first full year of ownership for the second generation of Hohauser's at Harvey Hohauser & Associates. Having advised our family owned clients for years in the area of succession planning and generational transition, it was a great experience for Harvey, Eric and me to facilitate our own ownership transition. Now functioning as our Chief Morale Officer, Harvey stays active in our business as corporate historian and business coach to Eric and me. In 1986 he created a firm dedicated to properly matching successful candidates to a client company's culture. This alignment and cultural match has rewarded us with relationships that have spanned decades. Today our team continues to stay focused on the success of our clients through the affiliation of key leaders in the functional roles of: CEO, President, COO, Vice President's et al.

This year, our clients took advantage of our partnership and utilized our resources to position their organizations for significant growth. In one instance, a client we have worked with for almost a decade leveraged the dozen executives we have placed with them to take advantage of more personal family time. To participate in the development of the work / life balance of our clients is ultimately rewarding. Another client took advantage of our human resource planning capabilities and used Eric as a source to outline their hiring growth for the next decade to come. Now having recruited a Vice President of Franchising for them, they are enjoying growth throughout the country.

Responding to our client's requirements, we expanded our staff by hiring four (4) new employees this year: recruiting industry experts, business operations professionals and even a multi-talented salsa dancer. Our entire staff is focused on our mission: To be your proven partner to identify and integrate key leaders. I invite you to visit our website to review the backgrounds of these very impressive people.

Our proprietary process, developed by our founder, has been refined for one purpose: To better understand our clients' needs and match the proper executives with their culture. Leveraging our three phase process, we will be expanding our work with clients to identify and recruit board members to help further the strategic direction and expansion of their organizations. Having successfully completed board level searches in the past, we are pleased to expand this product offering and look forward to outlining the process in greater detail. Please contact Eric or me at our office to discuss further.

This year promises to continue with the momentum we saw last year. Detroit, the automotive industry, family businesses and international entities continue to expand and need top talent to lead them forward. We will continue to partner with our clients to support them in their success and goals. We are looking forward to seeing you this year and many years to come.

All the best,
Todd Hohauser


Harvey Hohauser & Associates Annual Letter (2012)

Clients & Friends,

Election years’ always seem to mystify and confuse the incumbents of the world around them. Do we invest, leverage, sell, buy, divest…But, whether we are in an expansive or declining marketplace the executive search business is always called upon to recruit new management leadership. 2012 was no different, the HH&A firm was kept extremely busy. As usual the majority of our assignments were in Southeastern Michigan and Michigan proper, but after half a decade working alongside our IIC Partners in Europe, South America and Asia, the number of international assignments we participated in grew significantly; specifically working with our partner firms in Japan and Germany.

Innovative technologies, international joint ventures, planned acquisitions and new executive management teams continue to exert economic forces that require more diverse and knowledgeable leaders than ever before. One dimension that manifests itself in such reality, probably more than any other is compensation. Since we initiated the HH& A firm in 1986, more than twenty six years ago, the salaries and other deferred compensation benefits for CEO’s and their executive teams has increased significantly. The ability to provide compensation data and best practice guidelines to our clients significantly enhances their capabilities to attract and retain the best talent.

Consistently demonstrating the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and reliability are more significant requirements than ever. Our candidates and staff possess more experience and training than ever deemed necessary in prior years to better address these daunting opportunities and hurdles.

2013 should prove to be more challenging and rewarding than ever and our recent investments in staff, training and infrastructure will maintain our dominance in the Michigan marketplace for the foreseeable future. With two of the most accomplished sons in the business, I know the next twenty five years will surpass the previous two score and five. May you all have a healthy and prosperous new year.

Harvey Hohauser


Harvey Hohauser & Associates Annual Letter (2011)

Clients & Friends,
The Great Shift!

2011 assignments evolved from a sluggish first quarter to a dramatically increasing fourth quarter.

The past year has also reinforced the ‘great shift’ of retained executive search assignments in the U.S. from publicly financed companies to privately-held ones. This swing has been manifested in directions that impact both local and international corporation search clients.

Our majority of privately-held, local client firms tend to concentrate on intra-national expansion. While similar European, South American or Asian client firms concentrated on international growth whether they have revenues under $100 million or above $2 billion.

Our non USA headquartered international clients rely on our networks and capabilities to assist with their senior sales, operations and finance openings. The USA based firms tend to focus their needs across the board; e.g., Operations-COO, Finance-CFO, Marketing –VP Sales, Research – Director/Ph.D., VP Human Resources, etc.

Our 55 IIC Partner offices continue to request assistance as their clients expand in North America, while they aid us with European, Asian, South American, and other related assignments for U.S. clients. Without question, our customer relationships have permanently extended beyond borders. The old US dominant client model, vis-à-vis “The Ugly American” has evolved into a culture-sensitive one that incorporates a ‘marketing savvy’ approach.

Hence the HH&A consultative or behavioral models, as they relate to corporate cultures, candidates and the ‘match’ are more important than ever. Decades ago America’s leading corporate psychologist contacted me in shock, because he finally comprehended that “empathy” was ‘THE’ most important managerial trait. The ability to recognize and relate to another’s feelings and motives equipped them with a management tool that could ground them as they solved the daily problems of global management.

If experience is the best teacher, our team has the academic training and empirical background required as we guide our clients into the global economy – We Have Arrived! Consultative retained search practiced by boutiques such as HH&A has replaced filling job slots or titles. Regardless of company size, corporate culture manifestations, personality and behavioral systems of interaction. Viva la difference.

Harvey Hohauser


Harvey Hohauser & Associates Annual Letter (2010)

Clients & Friends,
We made it! Bring on 2011!

Our firm is now twenty-five years old. During that quarter century, we have conducted hundreds of assignments for scores of private/public companies, hospitals, nonprofits, governmental units, ad infinitum and located Directors, CEOs, CFOs, Presidents and Vice Presidents – all critical to our clients’ success. Initially dealing with local firms, we then included national and now international firms to our list of success stories, and yet our footprint has remained consistent from Michigan to Texas, from Brussels to Dubai.

Entering the second generation of Hohauser leadership; our President and COO, Todd, has crafted a vision to poise our organization for continued growth and to achieve levels of excellence surpassing the Founder in many categories. His brother, Eric, will be supporting him in maintaining the HH&A reputation for excellence in performance. With our standards continuing to be grounded in hard work, with ethical considerations for both client and candidate alike, we have supplemented our senior research staff with Jodi Ellis as our new Manager of Candidate Development.

As anticipated, the next decades of leadership will present many unforeseen challenges and require innovative management skills. New career specializations, globalism, technologies and multi-linguistic demands will impact operations, marketing and sales, and generate demands the executive search world has never dealt with in the past. The requirements of leadership development will necessitate greater focus. We will continue to be at the forefront of leadership recognition, recruitment and development.

With an enormous cadre of raving fans amassed over the years, we will strive to maintain your friendship and trust. Our business could not have grown and survived without your considerations and support on our behalf. Thank you all.

Harvey Hohauser


Harvey Hohauser & Associates Annual Letter (2009)

This has been a truly memorable year in the annals of Harvey Hohauser & Associates, in particular, and American business, in general. The convergence of inept business practices, selfishness and greed nearly imploded centuries of progress created by hardworking, courageous, responsible human beings from just about every religion, ethnic group and nationality throughout the globe. We had evolved from civilizations of innovators to one of destroyers.

Here we were at the verge of total collapse. On the precipice, for certain, from November 2008 through June 2009 then gradually clients, primarily from privately-held, family businesses that had become void and barren of key leadership, peered through the mist, as if it was now or never, and they began to decisively fill key positions. They had stripped away most of their management to survive and could no longer operate without them. Hence, the world of consultative retained executive search became more important than ever to the survivors as they climbed back into the game.

Although some of the search activity could be described as rebuilding it seems that most of these searches were forward looking and required strong candidates to grow the businesses to the next level. Once again the nimbleness and willingness to take a risk by these entrepreneurs has given us reasons for optimism that the worst has passed and our business is certainly positioned to successfully grow with them.

May you all have a very healthy, happy new year. We wish each and everyone of you a 2010 filled with prosperity and contentment.

Harvey Hohauser, Ph.D.