Through out my career I have realized how much my personal success is tied to the quality and fit of the people I have on my team. Working with HH&A, they have repeatedly helped us locate, hire and retain quality executives that have driven positive change and strong growth in our business over the last decade. Their focus and dedication allows me to focus on running my business, while they work tirelessly to locate and filter candidates to bring us a series of high quality choices.

Andrew Tweddle, Owner & CEO
The Tweddle Group

Position Industry
President RHH 201730Packaging
COO RHH 201727Tier 1 Automotive Supply
COO RHH 201728Trucking
Chief Financial Officer RHH 201725Not Specified
Senior Director, Global Supply Chain RHH 201726Automotive
VP of PurchasingFood Distribution
Senior Vice President, Sales - FCA RHH 201722Automotive
Vice President / General Manager RHH 201719Restoration
VP, Operations, RHH 201715Automotive - Metal Manufacturing
Global Vice President Product Development RHH 201712Automotive
Vice President of Sales & Business Development RHH 201713Transportation
Vice President of Purchasing - RHH 201705Automotive
Director–OEM Sales, RHH 201711Automotive
Senior Vice President - Toyota Global Business RHH 201709Automotive Technology
President RHH 201707Consumer Packaged Goods
Global Account Director, Ford Motor Company RHH 201706Automotive
Director, Production Control & Logistics RHH 201704Automotive Supplier
Director of Finance & Operations RHH 201702Food & Beverage
Chief Business Development Officer RHH 201629Digital & Print Solutions
Board of Advisors RHH 201624Construction
Sales Engineer - RHH 201627Restoration
President, Automotive Group, RHH 201625Automotive Supplier
Chief Operations Officer RHH 201622Automotive Supplier
EVP - Commercial Insurance RHH 201620Commercial Insurance
Chief Marketing Officer RHH 201617 (Southern U.S.)Food Franchisor