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The Company

The Detroit Parent Network is a premier parent organization that transforms parents into active participants in the process of making Detroit a better place to raise and educate children.  It works to improve parent involvement in education by offering workshops, practical tools, written materials and leadership development to build a constituency of powerful parents for change.  Detroit Parent Network works with parents or primary caregivers of school-age children who live in Detroit, Hamtramck or Highland Park.  By being a grass-roots membership organization, Detroit Parent Network is responsive to parents’ interests and needs.    

The Challenge

The Board of Directors seeks a new executive committed to implementing the mission of their organization; one professionally motivated by children’s education and growth, experienced with the dynamics of grass-root organizations and seasoned in the skills needed to manage change.  The successful candidate will be an innovative, creative leader with strong management skills who will provide vision, leadership and direction in an increasingly challenging environment.  The new CEO will be responsible for communicating the mission and vision of the Detroit Parent Network to the broader community and developing the resources necessary to successfully maintain and grow the programs and services that reflect that mission.  He/she must be familiar with the nonprofit community and reach out to all stake holders to establish the current relevancy of the programs and garner the financial support necessary to sustain and enhance their benchmark reputation.

Job Definition

  • Reports to the Board Chair on a weekly basis and to the whole Board of Directors bi-monthly.
  • Keeps Board informed on current activities and, along with the Board and key staff, develops and implements the ongoing strategic plan that will fulfill the organization’s mission.
  • Plans, coordinates and assists in the development and execution of short/long term programs to achieve stated goals.
  • Plays a leadership role in establishing strategic planning initiatives and overall program development, including evaluating current programs and initiating new programs to meet the rapidly changing service needs.
  • Analyzes with appropriate executive staff member’s reports and results of services rendered in compliance with funding source grants.
  • Represents organization at appropriate functions at local, state, national and international levels.
  • Promotes positive relationships with school system management, public officials, businesses and other regulatory agencies.
  • Articulates the vision and strategic direction of the organization to its various stake holders.
  • Provides the overall direction for the organization’s programs and business operations.
  • Develops and maintains relationships with a diverse array of funders and service partners.
  • Is alert to the formation of strategic partnerships (i.e., collaborations, alliances).
  • Oversees the recruitment and development of talent needed to execute the organization’s mission.
  • Creates a culture of individual accountability for results throughout the organization by maintaining and improving the quality of services provided.

Background Experience

  • MBA or Master’s Degree in Administration with experience in non-profits or Bachelor’s Degree with commensurate experience.
  • A career that includes at least 5 years of executive leadership with significant management experience in constructive organizational change.
  • Must be a highly motivated and self-directed leader who is solidly committed to helping the organization and its members reach their goals.  A consensus builder, this individual must be a strong manager who enjoys the challenges of coaching a team to achieve excellence.
  • Must be able to understand the dynamics of the region’s educational community and engage with grassroots audiences.
  • Strongly demonstrated leadership and communication skills involving employees, members and peers.
  • Highly focused, organized, analytical thinker who initiates as opposed to reacts.
  • Successful candidate will possess excellent interpersonal and organizational skills with the ability to communicate written and orally with all types of individuals.
  • The successful candidate will be a person of distinction, intellectual depth, creativity and common sense.
  • A proactive team leader with a proven “take-charge” record of accomplishment.
  • Proven high degree of integrity.
  • Ability to think strategically.
  • Possessive of an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Familiarity with Detroit’s recent history (especially the school system) will be a strong plus.
  • Must understand the parental role.

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